Commission Standing Committees

  1. Animal Center Advisory Board

    View the Animal Advisory Board.

  2. Audit Committee

    Check out member information for the Audit Committee.

  3. Beer Board

    Learn about the Beer Board.

  4. Board of Zoning Appeals

    Learn about the Blount County Board of Zoning Appeals.

  5. Budget Committee

    Take a look at the Budget Committee members.

  6. Education Committee

    View the Education Committees information.

  7. Emergency Medical Services Board

    Find out who makes up the Emergency Medical Services Board.

  8. Human Resources Committee

    View information about the County's Human Resources Committee.

  9. Information Technology Committee

    Check out the Information Technology Committee.

  10. Insurance Committee

    View information about the Insurance Committee.

  11. Purchasing Commission

    Take a look at the Purchasing Commission.

  12. Veterans Affairs Committee

    View the members of the Veterans Affairs Committee.