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Tom Hatcher
Circuit Court Clerk
926 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy.
Maryville, TN 37804-6201

Circuit Court (865) 273-5400

General Sessions (865) 273-5450

General Sessions-Civil (865) 273-5430

Juvenile Court (865) 273-5935

Traffic Court (865) 273-5440

Collections Dept. (865) 273-5493

Orders of Protection (865) 273-5425

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday

8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

(with the exception of holidays)



Holiday Schedule 2016

Circuit Court is a court of general jurisdiction and a court of record.  The Circuit Court Clerk's office is responsible for managing the caseload for the Civil and Criminal divisions of Circuit Court.  The office staff is responsible for performing the internal clerical operations for both courts.  The clerk's office is responsible for both electronic and hard copy record management.  The clerk's office is responsible for preparation of the minutes (official record) for the Civil and Criminal Trial Courts. The Circuit Court Clerk is also the custodian of all evidence submitted in all civil and criminal court cases.
Criminal Cases
  • The Criminal Division is responsible for the filing of the Grand Jury reports, appeals from lower courts, motions, orders, pleadings, and other documents relating to criminal cases filed with the court.
  • Types of cases include but are not limited to:  felony, misdemeanor, petitions, and post conviction.
  • Issue process - capias, violation of probation, subpoenas, and mittimus.
Civil Cases
  • File lawsuits in excess of $25,000.00, appeals from lower courts, motions, orders, pleadings, and other documents relating to lawsuits filed with the court.
  • Types of cases include but are not limited to:  condemnation, contract debt, damage (personal injury and property), distress warrant, foreign judgment, habitual motor offender, judicial hospitalization, minor settlement, reciprocal, and workers compensation.
  • Issue Process - notice, summons, subpoena, execution by levy or garnishment.
  •  All jury and non-jury trials are set by the Judge's office by agreement.  No notices are sent out.
Execution by Levy or Garnishment

Judgments for money may be enforced by execution (T.C.A. 26-1-103). This is used to collect judgments that are final and no appeal has been filed. Judgments in Circuit Court are final after 30 days.

You may garnish a person's wages or levy on anything of value they own (bank account, automobile, etc.). It is your responsibility to obtain this information before filing the appropriate paperwork.

Each defendant is entitled to file a personal property exemption up $10,000.00 which may include items of personal property in his possession and money and funds on deposit with a bank or other financial institution up to $10,000.00 (T.C.A. 26-2-102).

Petition to Pay By Installments
After a judgment has been rendered in court and the time to appeal has elapsed, without such an appeal having been made, a Petition to Pay By Installments may be filed with the court and set for hearing.  You must appear in court and the judge will determine the payment amount based on the information you have provided.  This payment agreement will stay the issuance of a levy or garnishment as long as your payments are current.
After Hours Filing Information
For your convenience, an after hours filing box is located at the Justice Center in the jail visitation area.  If a filing fee is required, you will be contacted the next business day regarding payment.
Legal Advice
Deputy Clerks cannot give legal advice.  They will file your paperwork, but they cannot advise you on what action you should take.  You should consult an attorney for legal advice.
Payment Policy

We do not accept personal checks. Individuals may pay with a cashiers check, money order, credit/debit card or cash.

Juror Information

As a juror, you serve a vital role in our Judicial System and your service is an important responsibility of citizenship.  The United States Constitution guarantees everyone the right to trial by an impartial jury.  Without willing jurors, the fairness and integrity of our Judicial System could not be maintained.

Jurors are selected at random from a computerized jury pool that is currently made up of Tennessee Department of Safety licensed Blount County drivers and Blount County registered voters.  Jurors are compensated at the rate of $10.00 for each day's attendance.

If you have received a summons, please call the jury information line (865) 273-5499 after 5:30 p.m. the day before you are summoned to report.  There will be a message for each Judge on the recording.  Please listen carefully and follow the instructions.

Absence from employment - Amount of compensation (T.C.A. 22-4-108)

  • Any employee shall on the next day the employee is engaged in such employee's employment exhibit the summons to the employee's immediate superior.
  • The employee shall be entitled to such employee's usual compensation received from such employment, less the amount of the fee or compensation the employee received for serving as a juror.
  • This does not apply to any employer who employees on a regular basis less than five (5) people or to any employee who has been employed on a temporary basis for less than six (6) months.

     Basic qualifications (T.C.A. 22-1-101, 22-1-102)

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • US Citizen
  • Resident of Blount County for 12 months
  • No felony convictions
  • No pending state case or be a party to a pending case
Grand Jury

The Grand Jury consists of thirteen members and up to five alternates.

      The duties of the grand jury are:

  • To consider all criminal cases submitted to it by the District Attorney General
  • To inquire into any report of a criminal offense brought to its attention by a member of the grand jury
  • To inquire into any abuse of office by state or local officer
  • To report the results of its actions to the court.

The Grand Jury meets the first Monday of each month.

Jury Coordinator (T.C.A. 22-2-201, 22-2-301, 22-2-304)

The Blount County Circuit Court Clerk is the Jury Coordinator.  In the absence of the Circuit Court Clerk, the Clerk's deputy may take an oath and perform the jury coordinator duties.

The Jury Coordinator selects names of prospective jurors, to serve in the Courts, by random automated means, without opportunity for the intervention of any human agency to select a particular name, and in a manner that causes no prejudice to any person.  The names, which shall constitute the jury list, is compiled from Tennessee licensed driver records.  The jury coordinator is prohibited from using the permanent voter registration records as a source to compile the jury list.

This procedure is repeated every two (2) years.  Prior to repeating this procedure and compiling a new jury list, no person may add to or take from the existing list.

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